4 Heart Changers

During the month of Ramadan, we get a shocking look at our habits. The good, the bad and the ugly.

For this post, I want to get personal. I have been lucky enough to learn some beneficial tips from many of my teachers. These lessons have allowed me to change my heart for the better, so I hope to pass them on for your reflection.

Being Generous with Our Self

I learned from our dear Sheikh Yaser Birjas the importance of giving, not from my material things, but from my own self. This means that even if you do not feel like smiling, go ahead and smile at your Muslim sister anyway! And even if you may not always agree with a certain sister, give her some of your love and appreciation. We treat others with gentleness and good because it pleases our Lord, not our nafs. Knowing this can help us to show kindness even if we don’t feel like it.

Do Not Cave To Yourself

I learned from our Sheikh Mokhtar that just because you want to feel something, does not mean you have to feel it! Simple concept, amazing results. Just because you crave a dessert does not mean you need to immediately satisfy that craving. Just because you are a bit hot right now does not mean that you have to get frustrated and demand AC. Comfort is easy to come by for us. Teach yourself to wait for comfort and you’ll realize that you need far less than you can imagine from this world.

Sip Your Water

When you break your fast, do not drink your water with vengeance! The same goes for eating! Slow down. It is completealy possible to slow down. It can teach your heart to appreciate the blessing in front of you, as well as teach it to balance its excitement.

I hope that you can all benefit from what I have learned.  I am on the same journey as you great ladies; the journey to get closer to Allah. Enjoy this Ramadan, and may Allah bring our hearts closer to Him!

Search for theAl-hamdolillahs

I started this a few years ago, thanks to an amazing reminder from Sheikha Muslema Purmul. She advised that after every prayer, we sit and think of three items to be grateful for. I found her advice to be priceless, as it taught me to scan my surroundings for things to say Alhamdolillah for. I suggest that you try it, and remember that this is Allah you are showing gratitude toward, so focus on sincerity!

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