• Surprising Hijab Moments We All Have

    When many of us started our journey with hijab, we had expectations. We expected to be asked questions about it, we expected to stand out a bit in a crowd and we even might have expected the summer months to feel a bit hotter than before. We did not, however, foresee every single random, surprising, …

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  • Halal-ify That Trend

    Halal-ify That Trend Take a quick glance at Instagram or other social media, and you’ll see various trends taking over! It even spreads to, you guessed it, modest fashionistas as well. From folded jeans and turban or beanie style hijabs, to skinny jeans to midi dresses, there are SO many cute trends that tempt us! …

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  • National Women’s Month: 5 Proud Moments to Love

    Chicago Tribune Photo of Women’s March With National Women’s Month coming to an end, let’s take a look at some of the most notable moments that truly made us all cheer in support. Now, not all of these moments happened in March itself, but they sure made this year’s Women’s Month a time where us Muslimahs …

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  • Parody Party ♫

    Parody Party ♫ By Amal Adnan While music can sometimes be a controversial issue in the Middle Eastern world, we are not here (nor qualified) to discuss rulings of instruments, language, and topics discussed – so we will keep it modest with the clean, halal versions! Do you have any favorites when it comes to …

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  • Maqluba or “Upside Down” – Recipe of a Middle Eastern Dish!

    Maqluba Recipe: A Special Middle Eastern Dish! By Amal Adnan   Who doesn’t LOVE a homemade, ethnic meal? The aroma of rich, savory spices, the oh, so tender meat and fried vegetables assorted throughout the sandy-colored rice? Maqluba (which literally translates to “Upside down”) is popular in Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria and …

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  • Marriage & Modesty; An exclusive tell-all!

    Marriage & Modesty By Amal Adnan Assuming the traditional route of meeting a special suitor (with parents and family involved) is taken, many ladies find themselves puzzled when it comes to questions regarding fashion, modesty and hijab. Should you look your best? Or is that misleading? Will he always expect you to look this way? Is …

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  • 12 Ways to be Kind to Yourself

    12 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself By Wellness with Yasmin Be kind to yourself by accepting yourself & loving yourself unconditionally. You are enough. Stop thinking you are not. Take extra time to yourself when praying. Get lost in your connection with your Creator. Yes, I know you have to make dinner. Yes, I …

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  • Fall Fashion 2016

    Fall in love with Fashion, all over again By Amal Adnan   What are your favorite things about the fall season? After pumpkin pie and spiced lattes, we embrace our maroon hijabs, or wavy hair-do, maybe a smokey eye or a darker lip color.  Also, a few staple items to add to our wardrobe are absolutely essential …

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  • (5) Dos & Don’ts of Hair Care!

    Five Dos & Don’ts of Hair Care! By Amal Adnan Sometimes as hijabis or busy women in general, we find it easy to neglect one of our most precious assets: our hair! Hair care is vital to making sure our hair lives a healthy, happy life. Below are some of our favorite tips! Like what you …

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  • How To Make A DIY Pin Cushion For Your Hijab Pins!

    Pin cushions will make your life so much easier and keep you from poking your fingers while going through your container full of pins. And, you can customize it to match your bedroom to double as a decoration piece for your dressing table!

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