Food Tips for Ramadan’s Crunch Time

Ramadan has a reputation to be a busy time, especially during the summer!  For those ladies (and gents perhaps) who want food ideas that are fast, healthy and tasty, this one’s for you.

Make Lentil Soup Your Friend:

Take the variety that are lentils, (the yellow, the pink, the green) and make them your best friends. These soups can fill you up, nourish you and taste great at the same time.

Sure, lentil soup isn’t the gourmet meal you might dream about while fasting, but your stomach will thank you for filling it up, your mind will clear up from the fog and your clock will thank you as the cooking is so time efficient. Plus, your heart will thank you for freeing up the time for some much-needed worship!

Boil Eggs like There’s No Tomorrow!

Make suhoor an easy affair by pre-boiling a week’s worth of eggs on Sunday. Boiled eggs stay good for up to a week in the fridge, so this one is so easy that you have no excuses! Not a fan of eggs? Then skip to the next one.

Keep Suhoor Raw:

Not the sushi kind of raw, but the no-cooking-necessary type of raw, where you eat berries, dates, bananas, avocado on pita bread and other foods that require next to no heat at all. This is my lazy secret that allows me to maximize the sleep/eating time and minimizing the food prep time—AND I am getting way more nutrients while I’m at it!

Standardize Your At-Home Iftar:

Pick two to three dishes that you will cook on repeat at home, on a schedule. Fear not about getting bored—Ramadan is anything but boring! There will be Ramadan fundraiser events, masjid iftars, friend invites and more to keep the variety coming. To keep your time at home focused on resting and bonding with family, keep your menu simple so as to spend less time adjusting it, fiddling with it or wondering about it.

Ladies, Prepare for Your Week Off:

Make sure that you have the nuts, fruits, perhaps sandwich materials for your period week. If you ladies are like me, you find it difficult to eat your lunch when everyone else around you is fasting—or worse, when you have already explained to all of your co-workers about Ramadan! That rush is never fun, so when you know that week is coming, stock up so that your tired self can get plenty of nourishment.

So whether you’re extremely busy with work, school or if you just don’t want the headache of an overly complicated Ramadan menu while you’re fasting—using these tips will allow you to live a more peaceful life this Ramadan, insha’Allah! May Allah allow us all to reach the month of Ramadan!

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