…I knew there was a need, but was pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming response. I’m most touched by the positive feedback I received from women who do not necessarily adhere to a modest dress code but shop the brand simply because they love the clothes. As a business owner, I couldn’t ask for more.

Covered Bliss is unique in that it makes it easier for today’s woman to express her personal style without compromising on modesty. A runway hit in the United States and abroad, this innovative, web-based fashion line carries a broad range of figure-flattering — not body-hugging — apparel, including intricately embroidered kaftan dresses, sleek-silhouette abayas (popular in the Middle East), full-coverage swimwear, and accessories. New pieces will include maxi dresses and skirts, loose shirts, and pants in the near future.
“We have so many options today, but stylish clothes that simultaneously maintain standards of modesty are rare,” said Sara Sheikh, founder and CEO of Covered Bliss. “Women who opt to dress modestly, for religious reasons or otherwise, often find themselves forgoing style and fashion. So, I decided to launch a line that would fuse modest with trendy, and thus, Covered Bliss was born.

“Sara Sheikh” – Designer & CEO