Parody Party ♫

While music can sometimes be a controversial issue in the Middle Eastern world, we are not here (nor qualified) to discuss rulings of instruments, language, and topics discussed – so we will keep it modest with the clean, halal versions!

Do you have any favorites when it comes to light-hearted parodies of popular songs?

Here are a few that we found fun and engaging in no particular order:

Khaled Siddique – “My Love” (The original is Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself)


Siedd – “I Need You” (The original song is by Gnash – I hate you, I love you (ft. Olivia O’Brien)


Adele – Hello (Muslim Version by Omar Esa)


What do you think?

Boring? Different? Creative?

Let us know what you think; And send us aspiring artists to help expand our horizons!

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