Starting with Sha’ban

Why wait for Ramadan to improve your relationship with Allah when we are in Sha’ban already?  Let’s get into some ways that you can make Sha’ban an amazing time before we enter into the month we all love—Ramadan.

  1. Change some habits!

Ask yourself: What are the biggest bad habits that I don’t want to continue during Ramadan? Keep it simple, as you don’t want to burn out during Ramadan. Some examples could include, speaking kindly to/about all, being the best to parents and elders, and decreasing time spent on unbeneficial activities (like excessive social media use). Keep in mind that gradual goals for this month will build your stamina for Ramadan, so use your Ramadan Resolutions to motivate you.

  1. Cut Back on the Addicting (Junk) Foods

Whether you’re stuck on coffee or you’re in love with chocolate—now is the month to teach yourself to let go. You want to be strong for Ramadan, as opposed to letting these addictions affect you heavily during the long, fasting days.

  1. Prioritize Salah & Elongate Sujood

Often times, we forget the sweetness of Salah until we enter Ramadan. Remind yourself of it during Sha’ban by praying on time and staying longer in sujood. That way, taraweeh during Ramadan will go from being ritualistic to being something to truly look forward to.

  1. Start Your Khitmah During Sha’ban

Many people want to finish the whole Qur’an during Ramadan. Whether you want to read the whole book (a “Khitmah”) or half of it, or an entire English translation—start today!

  1. Start Fasting

The Prophet used to fast so much during Sha’ban! For us, it’s good to build up. If you’re not used to fasting frequently, set a goal to fast a few days. If you know you can do more, then do it! Umm Salamah narrated: “I did not see the Prophet fasting two consecutive months except for Sha’ban and Ramadan.” [In Jami’ at-Tirmidhi Book 8, Hadith 763, English Translation: Vol. 2, Book 3, Hadith 736]

These tips, while they may roll over into Ramadan, are great to focus on this month. You can choose all or choose a couple, it’s your choice. When a guest is coming, you would ensure your house is ready. This guest, Ramadan, is quickly coming towards us, so let’s look our best inside and out.

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