Summer’s Happening! Find out how to beat the heat

It’s that time of year again! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the weather is gorgeous. However, for a covered woman (hijabi) this can be a time when we don’t even feel like leaving thew house out of fear of being sticky, sweaty, and miserable.

It’s okay, we all go through it. The summer heat can make anyone uncomfortable, especially if you are covered head-to-toe and have many errands to run throughout the day.

Luckily there are many things we can do as hijabi women that can help us beat the heat! It all comes down to clothing type, fabric materials, and protection from the sun.

Clothing Type

Tight and form-fitting clothing trap moisture, and prevents proper air to circulate to your body and skin. When women wear clothes that stick to their body, they are more likely to feel hot and sweaty. Luckily for Muslim women, we wear loose and modest clothing in accordance with our faith on a daily basis. This makes it wasy for us in the summer so we can stock up on flowy, airy skirts, and loose fitting abayas and dresses. Palazzo pants are another great option to stay cool, as they are also super light and can be very modest. The rule here is: the lighter the better.


Light clothing is the way to go, however sometimes the fabric also plays a role. Some fabrics to avoid include: Polysester, Acrylic, and Nylon. These fabrics are less breathable and can leave you feeling pretty hot and uncomfortable in the summer heat (they may work for you in cooler weather :)) Some fabrics that can be great for the summer include: linen, cotton, rayon, georgette, and jersey.

Sun Protection

Research has shown that exposing your skin to the sun is much more harmful than covering it. When your skin is fully exposed for long periods of time you can be subject to some harmful UV rays. Wearing long sleeve and full length clothing is great, and as hijabis we are already a step closer to being more protected in the sunlight. A few more precautions we can take is wearing hats that will protect our heads and faces from harmful rays and applying sunscreen before we go out.  Keep in mind also that light colors reflect light and are great to beat the summer heat, while dark colors absorb heat and can leave you feeling very hot.

Let’s have a wonderful summer and try to stay cool while keeping stylish! 🙂

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