Surprising Hijab Moments We All Have

When many of us started our journey with hijab, we had expectations. We expected to be asked questions about it, we expected to stand out a bit in a crowd and we even might have expected the summer months to feel a bit hotter than before. We did not, however, foresee every single random, surprising, and often laughable moment that came with covering up!

Here are 8 Moments of wearing hijab that feel, to many of us, like they came out of left-field!

The Tan Lines:
While the tan lines are no secret to our family and friends, they often catch us by surprise when we look at the mirror. Similar to awkward flip-flop tans, or farmer’s tans, they make one part of our skin POP in one pale color, and the other to glow in a sun-kissed way. Except on our faces. Or our wrists. Rand-O!

  1. The Warmth in Winter:
    You didn’t expect it, but your hijab also doubles as ear-muffs, a hat and a neck-scarf (duh)! Walking around during the cold months, you start seeing non-muzzies sporting their own, winter-oriented hijabs!
  2. Packing for a Trip:
    Packing for trips becomes such a project at times because like other ladies, we have to consider every occasion we might encounter. However, we have to do it with much more fabric and a few more layers, which ends up taking up a lot of room in our carry-on! It makes some of us just wanna take one abaya and call it a day!

Wearable Prayer-Rug:
When you’re out-and-about and you don’t have a prayer rug, I’m sure you’ve turned to the hijab-first-then-sujood method!

  1. Hijab Leftovers:
    As you eat, your scarf eats with you. What sucks is when you don’t know that your hijab has saved you a bit of food until hours later. Hopefully, no one noticed.
  2. The Eat & Adjust Technique:
    Every time I eat with my hijab on, I find myself adjusting my hijab after (almost) every bite! Makes me wanna just loosen the whole she-bang and go full-cookie monster on my food. Quite. Frustrating.
  3. The Abaya Breeze:
    When jeans cling at your waste-line and that shirt is bunching up a bit at your armpits—try switching into an abaya. You can’t deny the peace in sitting how you please and feeling the fluidity of the whole thing.
  4. The Water in Your Ears:
    If you’ve ever swam in hijab, you know this one. Swimming=definitely gonna be trying to empty out your ears later!

While wearing hijab has these moments involved with it, we all know the reward far outweighs anything else. When we go back and build our connection with Allah, we remember that everything we do is for Allah. Alhamdulillah!

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